What is New Balance Men’s MW577 Leather Hook and Loop Shoe?

To pick the best walking shoes for men is very difficult to do, you must choose shoes which do not hurt your feet when you walk or run. The sun is shining, the sidewalks are calling, but without the proper shoe you could be in danger of damaging your feet. That’s why it’s so important to find a good walking footwear. Luckily, the MW577 by New Balance is a shoe designed with that in mind, and will help you get walking in a healthy and comfortable way.

New Balance Men's MW577 Hook and Loop Walking Shoe

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Pros and Features of Shoe MW577

New Balance specializes in making shoes for men that are comfortable, durable, and affordable. Their new products, the New Balance Men’s Walking Shoe MW577 is one of their new shoe products designed specifically with comfort in mind. It conforms to the foot, provides excellent traction and lumbar support.

It made this shoe to help those with feet, back, and walking problems. They offer the highest grade lumbar support, and are recommended for those who have had previous pain in their feet and legs. However, because the primary purpose of this product is to provide good support, the makers have somewhat neglected style. These ones are not the most stylish on the market, however they will provide you with excellent support and help your feet.

The shoe MW577 has a lot of colors: in black, tan, and white…. These colors, while perhaps a bit limited for more stylish consumers, will go with anything. The black shoes look professional, even though they are sneakers, and can easily be worn to work. White is a great casual shoe, but tan may be a good option to consider if you are walking outside a lot as white can get dirty.

New Balance’ MW577 is made of leather, making it a durable and long-lasting. Leather has been long regarded as one of the best shoe materials for good reason, because it is resilient against wear and tear, and is waterproof.

The sole of the MW577 is synthetic.The heel is thick and the traction is such that you will not slip and fall. They are velcro, meaning that customers can easily take them on and off without worrying about tying and retying their shoelaces.

Cons for this product:

It should be noted that the shoe is not as wide as similar shoes, and therefore does not fit true to size. To remedy this problem, it is recommended that customers buy them in a wider style than they normally do. Otherwise, the MW577 will fit too snug and may hurt feet.

Conclusion for this reviewing:

Some customers have bought this and they review for this shoe are very good. They are said to be the best walking shoe around! The shoes do not hurt feet, and are the highest quality available because of the fine craftsmanship and leather material. If you have feet that hurt or are in need of extra lumbar support. Get moving with these walking shoes for men by New Balance!

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