The Best Nike Shoes for Running and Walking

Finding the best running shoes for men or even if for women, sometimes become a tough job if someone can do that in a quick period of time. This is where Nike is providing real values to the customers for numbers of decade. Nike is a global brand that is producing awesome shoes for men in various advanced features and design. They use highest technology to provider utmost flexibility to the runners and professional athletes around the world.

Top 05 Nike Running and Walking for Men

Where Nike Running Shoes Are The Best And Where Are Not:

It is really tough to mark the areas where Nike is not good as the positives of this brand are significantly higher than the negatives. It can offer the runners comfort with enhanced breathability. It can offer you great soles with advanced mid-soles. The cushioning systems of Nike shoes are really splendid. Every year, Nike is advancing its pipeline and all them are included in the list.

But in case you have a low budget, Nike might hurt as you will not find any cheap ones in the store of Nike. So it can be at your disadvantageous side in case you are looking for mediocre men’s shoes. Apart from this side, Nike is just a synonym of ‘quality feet take care’.

Why People Like Nike Shoes:

People like Nike shoes for numbers of reasons. Arguably this is the best place to get running and walking ones. Athletes around the world get their products from here as because only Nike can offer the best value against the money. This is where customer can put their trust.

You can find many people purchase Nike shoe even though they don’t need such good shoes at all. They do this as because they are comfort seeker. Besides Nike is a great brand now and having a Nike footwear in the casket is really something special. Those are the prime reasons behind the likelihood of Nike products of the users

Few Good Nike Shoes That You Can Mention:

Here are some good examples of Nike shoes that would be worthy making a check. They are differently designed and priced. These are as the following 

1.Nike Men’s Flex 2014 RN Running Shoe

Nike Men's Flex 2014 Rn MSL ShoesBuy from

This is one of the best running shoes for men. It has a product dimension of 12 * 9 * 5 inches. It price is sometimes up and down by, so you always need . Here are some of this prominent features and specifications:

Nike Men’s Flex 2014 RN Running Shoe

  • It is fully a compact shoe with rubber sole.
  • It has phylon mid-sole that can help you to get more comfort while walking or running.
  • You can get it in different color including black, cool grey and white.
  • For better support you can get molder EVA sock liner in this shoe.
  • It is really light in weight and therefore you can use it comfortably.

2.Nike Men’s Donwshifter 6 Running Shoe

Nike Downshifter 6 Running Shoe Buy from

This product has a product dimension of 6 * 13 * 4 inches. You can check its price from Amazon, because it price is not fixed, it is sometimes up and down… Here are some of this prominent features and specifications:

Nike Men’s Donwshifter 6 Running Shoe

  • You can get this shoe in black, white and dark magnet gray color.
  • It is a mesh shoe with fully rubberized sole.
  • It can offer your natural stride.
  • It has man-made overlays that can offer you customized fit.
  • It can offer you smooth motion during running.
  • The cushioning system of this shoe is really super.
  • Multiple sizes are available. So you can get your fit easily.

3.Nike Men’s Free Flyknit 4.0 Running Shoes

Nike Free Flyknit 4.0 Men's Running ShoeBuy from

Undoubtedly this is one other great running shoes of Nike that have a product dimension of 12 * 9 * 5 inches. Price for this kind of this is up or down, it is not fixed, so it must be check in shoes store. Here are some of its key features and significance:

Nike Mens Free Flyknit 4.0 Running Shoes

  • There are multiples colors available of this shoe that includes black, white, and wolf/ dark grey.
  • This shoe has Flyknit upper that enables lightweight feature.
  • Its mid-sole can offer you multi-directional flexibility.
  • You can get Knit-in ventilating holes in this product. Therefore your shoe will not wet too much while wearing this running one.

4.Nike Men’s Free 5.0 Running Shoe

NIKE Men's Free Trainer 5.0 V6Buy from

This one has a product dimension of 12 * 9 * 6 inches. The price is sometimes up or down, not fix, so its price must be check from Here are some of this prominent features and specifications.

Nike Men’s Free 5.0 Running Shoe

  • Rubberized sole of this one is really awesome in service.
  • You can get in in two popular colors, white and black.
  • Its Free 5.0 enables runners to get natural foot strike.
  • Standard warranty option is offered from the manufacturer.
  • You can return this product in case you don’t want to keep.
  • This product is designed to offer the runners enhanced breathability

5.Nike Mens Air Monarch IV Running Shoe

Nike Men's Air Monarch Iv Cross TrainerBuy from

This is one of the Nike’s best-selling shoe that has a product dimension of 11 * 4 * 7 inches. You can get it at a reasonable price at Just take a look at some features of it:

Nike Mens Air Monarch IV Running Shoe

  • This shoe is made in compact leather and it is fully synthetic.
  • You can get it in a single color, black.
  • The midsole are phylon and the entire rubberized sole is more than enough to provide the runners comfort.
  • Cushioning of this product is really great and it can offer you better breathability while wearing it for long time period.

Conclusion For Nike Shoe Brand:

If you want to have some best running shoes for men, there are almost no options to search skipping Nike. This is where this particular brand is epic. Some popular products of Nike have mentioned here at this article.

If you decided to purchase your shoe from Nike, but having limited time to assess, it is suggested to purchase any one of the above described shoes. This is how you can insure both your comfort and money.

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