3 Ways Removing ill-smell Out Of Shoes Fast

Removing ill-smell out of shoes, at first, we think that it is the hard job to do. Actually, it is the easiest way to do. We know that, feet are the most important part in our body. Day by day, the feet carry on them the heavy weight, it is our body. And then, the feet also face with the face of roads… So we can say that, the feet face two things at the same time, they are our body and surface of roads.

o protect our feet perfectly when we go for a walk, go camping, go for a long distance… we must choose the best walking shoes for wearing. There are a lot of well-known walking shoes that you can choose the best ones: New Balance, ASICS, Rockport, Merrell… These are can be found from Amazon.com

How Removing ill-smell Out Of Shoes?

The next important think I want to say is how to remove ill-smell out of walking shoes. If you wear shoes for walking, for camping… day after day without washing, drying…, your shoes will be got and affected by ill-smell (bad-smell). When you breath the bad-smell, you feel be uncomfortable, and for long time, your health will be affected by these bad-smell. The best way is removing or clearing them. But… how?

The first way:

  • Washing shoes after using them, such as: go for walking, go for camping, running, doing farm…
  • After washing clean, then drying shoes in the sun. You should dry them in the places that the light of sun can’t reach shoes directly. If the shoes are dried in the sun directly for many times, they will be broken soon because of glue.

The second way:

  • Washing and drying shoes after using
  • Buying the best products made from nature: such as: natural bamboo charcoal deodorized, natural auto air purifying bamboo charcoal… They are made naturally, they absorb the ill-smell out of shoes very well. These products mainly made from bamboo, they don’t affect our environment also.

The thirst way:

This is the manual way that you don’t not spend nay cent:

  • Cut some woods, fire these. When wood is fire by flame completely. Taking water to extinguish the flame and we have charcoals.
  • Drying these charcoals in the sun directly then we have dried charcoals.
  • Wrapping charcoals with the same size of the eggs, or bigger. And we put these into shoes. The main function of wood charcoal is that it absorbs the ill-smell, the bad smoke out of shoes quickly.
  • When you take shoes for wearing, you get the charcoals out of shoes then you dry them in the sun directly to use them many next times.

The Last Thinking For This

Actually, there are a lot of ways removing ill-smell out of walking shoes. However, there are only three ways mentioned in this article can be don easily.

You must flow these ways to make your shoes more clearly.

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